The Misery Meter

Alcoholics Anonymous has a list of 20 questions designed to help determine if you are an alcoholic. Answering yes to any one is a warning that you may be alcoholic; if you answer yes to two or more, the chances are that you are.

We have a similar list of questions to help you determine the appropriateness of the Script and Kid Workshop for you. If you answer 'always' to any one of the questions, the workshop may benefit you. If your score is higher than O.K., we definitely have some information that will improve the quality of your life. Please go to "Workshops" => "Script & Kid " for more information.



Soap opera!



Answer each of the 20 questions below by inputting 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 in the box to the left of the question:

Then click: .

Your current misery level is .

0 - never
1 - seldom
2 - sometimes
3 - often
4 - usually
5 - always


1. Does your life continue to be full of drama and emotion, peaks and valleys of happiness and depression?

2. Are you continually being rejected or abandoned?

3. Are you a compulsive do-gooder or people pleaser?

4. Are you a compulsive rescuer or caretaker?

5. Are you constantly separating from your significant other, then returning?

6. Are you always “on,” trying to be the center of attention?

7. Does the same type of miserable event happen over and over to you, with different people, in different situations?

8. Do you isolate?

9. Do you react rather than respond?

10. Do you continue to have a desire to abuse substances (drugs, alcohol, food, sex, shopping...)?

11. Do you spend time fantasizing about something happening which will rescue you and make your life happy?

12. Are you a workaholic?

13. Do you destroy relationships or career opportunities by acting out?

14. Does your voice sometimes get high and tiny when you share?

15. Do you feel anxiety that is clearly out of proportion to the activity you are about to undertake?

16. Do you avoid relationships?

17. Are you afraid to make decisions?

18. Do you have irrational fears with nothing in your past to explain them?

19. Do you act out of fear rather than love?

20. Do you feel you’ll never be good enough?

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