Leelaa is a spiritual community in Hermosa Beach, California. As part of the leela, there are regular meditations, workshops, classes and talks.

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What's Happening at Leelaa:

Current Work:

Nothing is happening right now…


We've started some blogs and forums which will be a sharing of kid, script and truth insights (I hope).

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Morning Meditation

We have a meditation at Leelaa every morning from 4:00 - 7:00 a.m. (Pacific time).

Several people around the country sit at the same time. Locals occasionally show up at Leelaa for part of the period.

Please feel free to join us whenever, wherever and however you are led.




Email List:


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Previous Classes:

All of the previous class work at Leelaa is now available, free. See the "Archived Classes" under "Audios" above. If you are new to this work it might be wise to start with the 1996 class, "The Principles of the Infinite Way", and work forward.